How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer near Me

Because of the Internet and modern technology, finding a personal injury lawyer near me is no longer necessary.

But we are New York personal injury lawyers near you with office locations throughout the New York City and Long Island metropolitan area. You can come to us, we can come to you or you can sign a retainer by email so we can begin working on your case immediately after your accident.

There Used to Be Two Advantages of a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

  1. Your attorney is near the court where your case is.
  2. It’s easy to see your attorney anytime you want.

The first reason is no longer necessary and the second reason is a delusion.

Your Attorney Is Near the Court Where Your Case Is

Lawyers previously had to go to court all the time. Your lawyer would have to go to court to purchase an index number to start your personal injury lawsuit and go back to court to file various papers.

Several court appearances were necessary for motions (a motion is a written argument submitted to the court asking for a court order). Motions used to be filed in court on paper but the lawyer also had to go to court to orally argue the motion.

Today, a lawsuit is started by uploading the Summons and Complaint online at the court website and paying for the index number by credit card. Motions are uploaded electronically to the court’s website and are no longer orally argued.

In fact, all case documents are uploaded electronically to the court’s website and are immediately served on all parties through the court’s website by email. Your lawyer doesn’t have to go to court anymore unless your case goes to trial.

uploading personal injury papers to court by computer

Almost everything is done in court electronically through the Internet

Your accident lawyer can work on your case anywhere there is an Internet connection.

I have answered calls from clients on the Av. des Champs-Élysées in Paris and while cruising the Mediterranean. I answered emails, researched Westlaw and uploaded motion papers from my balcony on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, just like I was in my office in New York.

working on personal injury case from cruise ship balcony

Answering emails and working on personal injury court papers from my cruise ship balcony on the Mediterranean

If Your Accident Lawyer Is Near You It’s Easier for You to See Your Lawyer

The reality is that most personal injury clients can’t see their lawyer when they want to.

If you were injured in an accident before, you probably already know that you couldn’t get an appointment to see your lawyer when you wanted to discuss your case. Chances are you couldn’t even speak to your lawyer and could only get a paralegal on the phone.

invisible lawyer who won't see his clients

You won’t see this personal injury lawyer after he gets your case!

The only time most personal injury attorneys meet their clients is to sign up the case and if a lawsuit is started, maybe an hour before their deposition. See how we prepare our clients in our office.

Some personal injury lawyers will have you come to the office every time they want you to sign papers. But you won’t see your lawyer, you’ll just see a paralegal. We don’t ask our clients to come to the office to sign papers. We can either mail the papers to you with a self-addressed stamped envelope or email them to you which gets your case moving faster.

We have office locations throughout the New York City and Long Island metropolitan area but we usually have new personal injury clients sign a retainer by email so we can begin working on your case immediately after your accident.

If it’s convenient for you and you would like to meet with us, we can meet with you in the first week, no matter where you are. We can even come to see you if you’re in upstate New York.

We make ourselves available seven days/nights by phone so you don’t have to come into our office just to ask a question or find out the status of your case. We’re serious about answering the phone seven days/nights. That’s why I took calls from clients in Paris and the Mediterranean.

We have many personal injury clients we never met. Often our clients develop a personal relationship with us by phone and when it’s time to send a settlement check, they ask if they could come to meet us. Of course, any time our clients want to come meet us, we welcome that.

If I Don’t Need to Find an Accident Lawyer Near Me, What Do I Need?

You need access by phone to speak with your accident lawyer, not a paralegal, whenever you have a question. Sometimes, a paralegal can answer your question but many times you really want to speak with your lawyer.

See our personal injury FAQs but feel free to call us anytime.

Since personal injury lawyers no longer need to be near you, many out-of-town and even out of state law firms like Morgan and Morgan are advertising for personal injury clients and accidents in New York.

While out-of-state law firms like Morgan and Morgan can handle your New York accident case, do you really think you’ll ever get to speak to your lawyer?

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