Ambulance Accidents

Ambulance accidents are rare and often the fault of the ambulance driver. Not all ambulance drivers are trained properly, if at all; NYS statutes and company rules are often violated; and some ambulance drivers are simply negligent.

I took this photo of a Senior Care ambulance which is a transport ambulance, transporting a patient and not responding to an emergency or 911 call. I first saw the ambulance near North Shore-LIJ/Northwell hospital. The ambulance had its lights and siren on when it ran a red light.

The ambulance then got onto the Long Island Expressway and I was behind it. I was surprised to find that the ambulance was traveling at 40 mph on the expressway, still with its lights and siren on. Two exits later, I encountered traffic and the ambulance caught up. We both exited the expressway and I took this photo as the ambulance ran through another red light.

ambulance running a red light

Obviously, there was no emergency since the ambulance was traveling at only 40 mph which is the minimum speed limit on the Long Island Expressway. Running a red light, even with emergency lights and a siren on is dangerous. The patient’s health and life was risked for no reason.

Oddly, I took this photo two days ago and now, there was a Hunter Ambulance on the news which ran off the Parkway into a stone overpass, killing the driver and a patient. The ambulance was a transport ambulance and did not have its lights and siren on, so presumably there was no emergency.

You need a lawyer if you were:

  • a patient in an ambulance involved in an accident (you cannot be at fault and have a good case against either the ambulance, another vehicle or both vehicles.)
  • a pedestrian hit by an ambulance.
  • a driver or passenger in a car hit by an ambulance.

We want to represent you if you were injured in or by an ambulance.

Our legal fee is only 1/3 of what we collect for you paid at the end of the case. There is no fee if we do not collect money for you.  We will advance case expenses and you are not responsible for any case expenses unless we collect money for you.

In the event of wrongful death of a loved one from an ambulance accident, we provide free legal services for appointment of an estate Administrator and guardianship proceedings if there are children.

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