How Labor Laws Protect Construction Workers

New York labor laws successfully protect construction site workers from serious injury and from being killed in accidents. Unfortunately, on occasion, a violation of law causes a construction site accident.

Fortunately, construction site accidents in New York are rare compared to some other countries. The importance of laws regulating construction sites is vividly apparent by the large number of catastrophic accidents at the construction site of the soccer stadium in Qatar.

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) says (on page 14) there will be approximately 5,200 construction accident deaths with 1,200 construction workers already killed.  The trade union estimates at least 4,000 more workers will die before the start of the World Cup.

With so many deaths, how many construction workers will suffer serious injuries such as amputation of a leg, foot, arm, or hand or even a fractured arm, wrist, leg or ankle? The number is likely to be in the tens of thousands and will probably never be known.

One construction manager stated, “Numerous accidents are not being reported.”  (see page 14) Consequently, while the number of deaths from construction site accidents is known, the number of serious injuries and even less serious injuries are not known and are likely to be much higher than the number of deaths.

This shows that construction workers in New York are fortunate that there are strict laws regulating construction site safety; reporting requirements; and a legal system where lawsuits for construction accidents force companies to abide by the safety laws.  Strict adherence to construction site safety regulations prevents construction site accidents and injuries.

Our clients with injuries sustained in construction site accidents have been injured due to a violation of New York law.  Some of these clients complained about safety violations but were told not to worry about it.

Your life is more important than the risk of serious injury or death because a construction job needs to be rushed.  Construction workers should always insist that their bosses adhere to the safety laws at construction sites and never allow upper management to tell you “don’t worry about it”.

If you have been injured in a construction site accident in New York, it’s likely that there was a violation of New York law. Construction workplace safety laws in New York are extremely strong and a violation can mean that your case will move more quickly through the court system and you will be fairly compensated for your injury.

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