Escalator Accidents

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Thousands of people are injured every year on escalators. If you are one of the unfortunate escalator riders injured on an escalator, we will hire an expert escalator engineer to investigate and prove the cause of your escalator accident.

People injured on an escalator

Escalator Accidents Causing Wrongful Death

It’s not often that someone is killed from an escalator accident but 1/3 of deaths on an escalator occurred when the clothing or footwear of someone riding on an escalator got caught in the escalator. 2/3 of deaths on an escalator occurred from a head injury when someone fell while riding on an escalator. It is far more common that people are killed in elevator accidents.

If you have a loved one who was killed due to an escalator accident, we would like to represent the decedent’s estate for wrongful death. Please read what we can do for you in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Escalator Inspection

Escalators are required to be inspected annually for safety and there are many safety regulations to prevent escalator accidents.

Due to the high value of injuries usually caused in escalator accidents and usually an unlimited amount of insurance, an escalator expert should be hired immediately to determine and prove the cause of your escalator accident. Many personal injury lawyers are unwilling to hire an escalator expert because of the cost involved but we know an escalator expert is well worth the cost. We will advance the cost of an escalator expert for you.

Common Causes of Injury from Escalator Accidents

  • Shoe, foot or toe  stuck in escalator tread
  • Finger, hand or arm caught in escalator handrail
  • Hair caught in escalator handrail
  • Clothing caught in escalator handrail or tread step
  • Slip and fall accidents because of grease on the tread
  • Trip and fall accidents

Common Mechanical Causes of Escalator Accidents

  • Worn or missing screws or bolts;
  • Damaged or missing steps;
  • Damaged or missing parts
  • Improper inspection;
  • Improper maintenance;
  • Failure to maintain;
  • Improper repairs;
  • Improper installation of escalator
  • Defective handrails;
  • Buckling or jerky movements;
  • Slippery or greasy substances on the steps;
  • Sudden stop of escalator

If you were injured or know someone who was killed in an escalator accident in New York, please allow us to have an escalator expert investigate your accident to determine exactly who was at fault and why. Then we can proceed to demand full value for your injury from the companies responsible.


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