Nursing Home Negligence


Nursing home negligence occurs when a resident is abused or neglected in a nursing home.

Wheel chair in nursing home

When your father, mother, child, or other loved one is injured because of nursing home negligence, it may be caused because of abuse, neglect or negligence. It’s often a violation of the law and the nursing home’s own rules and policies.

Nursing home negligence can result in the following injuries which often indicate that the nursing home is responsible:

  • Slip and Fall injuries resulting in broken bones
  • Decubitus ulcers also known as pressure ulcers or bedsores
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Sexual assault
  • Death
  • Wandering off the nursing home premises and injuring themselves

Slip and Fall Injuries in Nursing Homes

Slip and Fall injuries should not occur in nursing homes because they can be prevented. Nursing homes must design a care plan specifically for each patient-resident. The care plan must assess and continually reassess the following specific risks and needs of every patient:

  1. Mobility limitations
  2. Loss of balance
  3. Loss of strength
  4. Medications causing drowsiness, dizziness or other reduced abilities
  5. Impaired vision
  6. Dementia

Nursing homes may Become liable for negligence due to the following failures:

  • Failure to develop a satisfactory care plan for the patient
  • Failure to continually reassess and modify the care plan
  • Failure to provide the care outlined in the care plan
  • Failure to properly handle the patient
  • Understaffing
  • Unqualified or untrained staff
  • Failing to properly maintain the premises including wet floors, defective floors or inadequate lighting

What You Should Know About Lawsuits against Nursing Homes

Nursing home negligence cases are one of the most complicated cases in personal injury because there are three areas of law which concern nursing home cases and regulate nursing homes.

Additionally, most nursing homes are owned by large corporations that spare no expense or time defending them. Consequently, your lawyer should “specialize” in nursing home cases (please note lawyers in New York are not allowed to claim to be specialists and we are therefore using that term to mean substantial experience).

Lawyers who handle nursing home negligence cases need to spend all their time just with these cases because both of the extreme amount of time a lawyer must spend working on a nursing home case and the amount of time necessary to acquire the experience needed.

Because nursing home negligence cases require so much time, which would take away time from our other personal injury clients, we refer nursing home cases to a friend who has many lawyers who only work on nursing home negligence cases. While we are not allowed to, we would like to say they are specialists.

The advantage to you when you call us is that we will make sure that your case is reviewed by lawyers who are extremely experienced with nursing home negligence; if you ever have a problem getting your lawyer to answer a question, you can always contact us and we can get your questions answered immediately; you will not have to pay us any fee because the nursing home negligence lawyer will pay us a fee out of theirs. Your legal fee will remain the same whether you call us or not.

If a nursing home fails to administer care in a professional and compassionate manner, and you or your loved one has suffered from inadequate care, you may be entitled to compensation and you may be able to improve conditions for your loved one or someone else’s loved one.

We offer free consultations for Nursing Home Negligence cases.

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