Should I Take an Ambulance to the Hospital?

Q. Should I take an ambulance to the hospital from an accident?

A. Yes. Taking an ambulance to the hospital can benefit your accident case and benefit you medically. But don’t worry if you didn’t go to the hospital, we still want to represent you.

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Why taking an ambulance to the hospital benefits you

You Don’t Know If You’re Injured yet

You may have injuries and even broken bones that you’re not aware of at the time of the accident. It is very common that serious injuries become obvious hours later or even a day or two later.

At the time of an injury, the trauma overwhelms your brain and you may not feel any pain yet. We have had many clients who didn’t know at the time of the accident that they had a broken bone but found out later that day and often even days later. Some of these clients even found out days later that they needed surgery.

Soft tissue injuries such as neck and back injuries are caused by swelling produced by the accident trauma. The swelling occurs over the first 48 hours after an accident, so you may not realize that you have a serious neck or back injury at the time of the accident.

You may not experience any neck or back pain or experience only mild pain at the accident scene but hours later it will get worse and by the next morning, you may experience extreme pain.

Soft tissue injuries such as a torn ligament may not begin to cause pain until a couple of hours later or even days later. Many clients complained of the pain at the hospital and thought they had a sprain but found out weeks later when an MRI was taken that they had a torn ligament requiring surgery.

The hospital will examine you and likely find injuries you didn’t realize you had when you were at the accident scene. You will be at the hospital a couple of hours after the accident when the pain may begin.

The doctors at the hospital can provide you with a prescription for an anti-inflammatory stronger than Ibuprofen which can reduce future injury.

It’s good for your case because hospital records document your injuries

Your complaints of pain will be documented in your medical records by doctors at the hospital. If you complain of back pain, knee pain and ankle pain, all of these complaints will be written in your medical record.

Because your medical record is evidence that can be used at trial, the insurance company will see that as a problem for them and it will be easier to settle your case.

Insurance company claims representatives think if you don’t take an ambulance to the hospital, your injury wasn’t serious or your injury occurred later from some other accident.

Documenting complaints of pain in your hospital record will be a big help to settle your case at a fair value.

Other benefits of going to the hospital by ambulance

If you go by ambulance, you’ll go right in but if you go by car, you can sit there all day.

Often, people don’t realize how serious their injuries are until a couple of hours later. Then they go to the hospital later that day or the next day. That’s when you’ll sit there all day. If you didn’t take an ambulance to the hospital and you’re reading this after your accident, it’s still worth going to the hospital to create a record.

Don’t worry if you didn’t go to the hospital

It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible, whether or not you went to the hospital. If you didn’t go to the hospital, it may be more difficult to settle your case for fair value but that doesn’t mean we can’t settle your case for fair value.

It simply means that it may take longer. We may have to start a lawsuit and wait until after your deposition and defense medical exams have concluded before we can get a reasonable settlement.

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