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Philip L. Franckel, Esq. is President of 1-800-HURT-911, Inc., Founding Partner at FRANCKEL & PLEVY, LLP, and a former Member of the Board of Directors of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association.

Mr. Franckel is the author of all articles and content on this website.

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Phil Franckel was inspired by his grandfather, a world-famous trial lawyer in Paris, France (see below under Personal / Family Background).

Phil Franckel is a great litigator using out-of-the-box thinking and tactics to force insurance companies into paying. There are many great personal injury lawyers in New York, but what really gives Phil an edge over other lawyers is his expertise in negotiation tactics that he teaches to other lawyers (see Experience below).

Because I have been in many different businesses before becoming a lawyer, I understand customer service better than other lawyers. That’s why our clients are so happy with us, and that’s why our clients can speak with us anytime.

While other lawyers make statements such as, “I view all of my cases as a battle…” (taken from another personal injury lawyer’s profile), I do not view your case as a battle.

Lawyers who view their role as battling with insurance companies often end up battling with you, don’t get full settlement value, and always end up at trial. Do you really want to threaten and battle with the person who will write a check to you?

The better way to maximize settlements and settle faster is to think outside of the box, with preparation, and using marketing/selling tactics (such as a color 3D video of your CT or MRI scan showing your injury) to convince the insurance company that your injury is worth the money we want.

working on a personal injury case on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship balcony in the Mediterranean

Phil Franckel preparing for a hearing on a cruise ship balcony while on vacation in the Mediterranean

When helpful, we also retain experts early in your case. Part of that is to invest in your case by spending money early on, not just at the time of trial (we’ll need videos and experts anyway if your case can’t be settled). Of course, not every case can be settled quickly, and some may have to go to trial. Even then, instead of battling the defense, we convince the jury.

I view our role as four important parts:

  1. To provide the best customer service to our clients;
  2. To assist our clients with related services at no charge, such as arranging for free medications when possible, medical treatment when you don’t have insurance, cash advance loans, and many other services;
  3. To maximize your settlement by using marketing/selling tactics and by using doctors to prepare settlement materials, using visual exhibits early on (not just at the time of trial), by taking our doctor with us to your insurance physical, and many other methods; and
  4. If we can’t settle, we’ll take your case to trial and try to get the insurance company to pay more money than the policy.

Phil Franckel began practicing personal injury law in 1989 as an attorney at a major personal injury law firm in New York City.

Mr. Franckel is a graduate of Quinnipiac University School of Law, received the highest grade in legal writing, and was appointed to the prestigious Moot Court Board (oral argument competition team).

Motorcycle Accidents

Phil Franckel is well known in the New York motorcycle community and among other personal injury lawyers for his knowledge of motorcycle accident cases. He has been the author/editor of the monthly legal column in Full Throttle Magazine since 2002.

Mr. Franckel created the well-known BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE® awareness campaign and was the first lawyer to advertise in Full Throttle Magazine since its first issue.  Look for 1-800-HURT-911 on the inside front cover.


One of Phil Franckel’s cases, which couldn’t be settled, involved a TMJ (the joint in the jaw) injury caused when his client’s car was struck by a truck. The jury announced they wanted to award $1.3M and resulted in what is believed to be the highest verdict at trial in Nassau County for a TMJ injury. The court reduced the verdict to $573,000.

Recently, another jury verdict in Nassau of $465,000 for a torn meniscus in a motorcycle accident is believed to be a record verdict in Nassau for a torn meniscus.

Awarded the Multi-Million Dollar Trial Lawyers Award™, I am most proud of the “Above The Policy” Award for settling a case for $155,000 where the insurance policy limit was only $25,000 and finding insurance policies that were not disclosed by the insurance company.


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Other awards can be seen in the left column here and include:

  • Avvo Client’s Choice
  • Avvo Top Contributor to questions
  • Avvo 10 rating
  • Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™
  • Multi-Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™
  • Nation’s Top One Percent 2015 (NADC)
  • Top 100 Lawyers 2016 (ASLA)
  • Bloomberg Business Week Leaders in Personal Injury 2014; and
  • Member of Ethical Lawyers of America.

Philip L. Franckel, Esq. has always maintained a top credit rating with a FICO score ranging from 840 -850 (850 is the highest score possible)
Phil Franckel's FICO Score 850


Mr. Franckel’s wide range of experience and knowledge is invaluable for your personal injury case.

Mr. Franckel has extensive experience with advertising, marketing, and negotiation, enabling Mr. Franckel to obtain higher settlements by selling your case instead of battling.

Phil Franckel teaches negotiating skills to other lawyers. Mr. Franckel’s negotiating and selling experience comes from owning various businesses, including buying and selling amusement games in 10th grade and a used car business from high school through college, and the wholesale diamond business for 8 years after graduating from law school in 1981.

These negotiating skills were put to good use negotiating settlements as a personal injury attorney since 1989. You can be assured that settlement offers in your case will be aggressively negotiated.

Mr. Franckel also worked in the advertising industry, including television production on TV commercials for Diet Coke, American Airlines, Bayer Aspirin, and Fuji Films with Illustra Films Worldwide. He also worked on ABC Monday Night Baseball and Wide World of Sports.

Mr. Franckel knows how to investigate your case and understands how the insurance company will investigate your case because he also worked as an investigator with the U.S. Department of Justice while in college.

Mr. Franckel was an aeronautical engineering major at Dowling College. While at Dowling College, Mr. Franckel studied aircraft accident investigation and was in a professional flight training program for commercial pilots, flying out of MacArthur Airport, and flew many Navy aircraft including a Lockheed Electra P3 Orion 4 engine Turbo Prop Submarine Chaser (the same aircraft downed in China in April 2001), an F4 Phantom, A6 Intruder, and an F14 Tom Cat. Mr. Franckel also attended physiological training at Andrews Air Force Base.  Mr. Franckel’s physics, engineering, and mechanics experience have created an in-depth understanding of the issues involved in accidents.

Mr. Franckel is also knowledgeable in construction and personally designed and supervised the construction of his house, which took two years to build and has many features not normally seen in houses. Mr. Franckel designed his backyard, including property grading, drainage systems, and personally operated a bulldozer to help install 400,000 pounds of boulders. Mr. Franckel’s construction knowledge helped him obtain a $300,000 settlement for a torn Achilles tendon when a stairway in a house collapsed.

Volunteer Work / Public Service

Mr. Franckel is a former Member of the Board of Directors of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, having been sworn in by Judge Kaye the first female Chief Judge of the State of New York. Being a Member of the Board of Directors is a volunteer position for which a lawyer must be invited to apply and then approved by the Board.

Mr. Franckel has been committed to public service for over 40 years. Starting as an Auxiliary Police Cadet at 17, he is currently the Commanding Officer of the Communications Bureau of the Nassau County Police Department, Auxiliary Police Section. He graduated from the Nassau County Police Department Academy for Auxiliary Police Officers, the Superior Officers Course, has had additional training in Terrorism, Hazardous Materials, Railroad Safety, and other training courses, as well as periodic refresher classes at the Police Academy.

Mr. Franckel has many years of patrol experience responding to and investigating hundreds of accident scenes, which is extremely helpful when representing people injured in car, motorcycle, and truck accidents.

book cover American Volunteer PoliceMr. Franckel has been Legal Counsel to the NYS Association of Auxiliary Police for many years and was consulted for chapter 10, “Legal Issues and Volunteer Police” in the book American Volunteer Police. See Acknowledgment.












Mr. Franckel started volunteering for public service at an early age.  When in 8th grade, Mr. Franckel started an annual carnival to raise money for Cancer Care.

Mr. Franckel has done pro bono (free) legal work for many clients who couldn’t afford an attorney, including a girl with AIDS (in the early discriminatory days of AIDS) who was being evicted and losing custody of her child.  Another was a girl with mental disabilities who was arrested and reported in national news and with the NY Daily News headline “Amy Clone Nabbed in Nassau Inspired by Fischer Movies.” Additional pro bono clients were represented for criminal and eviction issues.

Mr. Franckel has adopted many dogs from people who couldn’t keep them.  The latest two are my “children” in the photos below.

Personal / Family Background

Philip L. Franckel is mentioned in Who’s Who of Paris, France as the grandson of Isidore Franckel, who was a world-famous trial attorney in Paris, France and one of twenty-three people who founded the Revisionist Party HaTzohar (see on Wikipedia) with Jabotinsky and later founded the Judenstaat Party, of which he was President. These parties were involved in the creation of Israel.

Isidore Franckel, together with Vincent Moro-Giafferi, represented Hershl Grynzpan (see on Wikipedia), who shot and killed Ernst Von Rath, a German Embassy official, on November 7, 1938, which caused the destruction of nearly 200 synagogues and the looting of Jewish stores in the Warsaw Ghetto two days later. The destruction and looting, called Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, was officially orchestrated by Josef Goebbels, the propaganda minister under Adolf Hitler, and is still written about today and discussed in the news every year on its anniversary November 9, 1938.

Phil Franckel in a Paris court with his grandfather, a famous lawyer, Isidore Franckel
Attorney Phil Franckel with his famous grandfather in court in Paris, France


American Volunteer PoliceAcknowledgment as Counsel to the NYS Association of Auxiliary Police for chapter 10 Legal Issues and Volunteer Police

Philip L. Franckel, Esq., is a not-so-nice lawyer living on the moon, in the science fiction novels by Felix R. Savage, The Solarian War Trilogy, The Luna Deception, and Sol System Renegades Volume II.

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Phil Franckel, Esq.
Attorney Phil Franckel

I met and worked for Senator Alfonse D’Amato in 1973. We became friends, and I was with him in his hotel room on election night 1992 waiting for the results (photo was taken Oct 1992)
U.S. Senator Al-DAmato and Phil Franckel

With my wife Erlyne at a motorcycle event
Phil Franckel and his wife Erlyne at Dee Snider's motorcycle event in front of the 1-800-HURT-911 motorcycle lawyers booth

My beautiful wife on the Full Throttle bike
Phil Franckel's wife Erlyne on a custom motorcycle at Dee Snider's motorcycle event in front of the Full Throttle Magazine booth

The kids, Colby and Luna
Phil Franckel's dogs Colby & Luna

Phil Franckel's dogs Colby & Luna

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Philip L. Franckel, Esq. is one of the HURT911® Dream Team™ Founding Partners at 1-800-HURT-911® New York; He has a 10 Avvo rating; Avvo Client’s Choice with all 5-star reviews; Avvo Top Contributor; and a former Member of the Board of Directors of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association.

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