How To Change Your Personal Injury Lawyer In New York

Can I Change My Personal Injury Lawyer In New York?

Yes. You can change to a new personal injury lawyer in New York at any time, for any reason, and as many times as you want without any extra cost to you.

TIP: Get a free consultation with another personal injury lawyer for a second opinion before you fire your current personal injury lawyer.

Be aware that although you are allowed to change your personal injury attorney, you may not be able to find another personal injury lawyer willing to take your accident case. That’s why you should get a second opinion before you fire your current personal injury lawyer.

If you already changed your personal injury lawyer and are trying to change your personal injury lawyer again to a 3rd lawyer, it may be more difficult unless you have a very valuable personal injury case.

Note: You should get a second opinion if you went to a personal injury lawyer who did not want your case or after taking your case your personal injury lawyer no longer wants to represent you.

We have represented many personal injury clients who were turned down by other personal injury lawyers. We settled a car accident case for $750,000 for a client in the Bronx who had back pain and went to a lawyer who didn’t want the case until she got some medical treatment. If that lawyer took her case, she probably wouldn’t have been happy with him and he probably would have settled it for $15,000.

Can I Get A Second Opinion From A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Yes. People frequently get a second opinion from another doctor. It’s the same with lawyers and personal injury lawyers don’t charge a fee for a consultation or even a second opinion!

You Think You Hired The Wrong New York Personal Injury Lawyer

Often you liked the personal injury lawyer when you signed the retainer but afterward, the lawyer doesn’t seem interested in you or your case and the lawyer won’t communicate with you anymore.

Most common reasons people change their personal injury lawyer:

  • My lawyer doesn’t return phone calls, emails or texts and I cannot get to speak with my lawyer.
  • I only get to speak to my lawyer’s secretary.
  • I can’t find out what’s going on with my case.
  • I’m not getting my No-Fault disability checks and my lawyer isn’t helping.
  • I get the feeling that I am bothering my lawyer.
  • My lawyer actually said, “I’m too busy to handle your case”.
  • My lawyer seems rude.
  • My lawyer wants me to settle my case for too little.
  • My lawyer doesn’t want to take my case to trial.
  • My lawyer doesn’t seem interested in my case.
  • My lawyer doesn’t seem to know me or my case when I call.
  • My lawyer doesn’t want to represent me anymore.

We recently became the second law firm for a client because he was unhappy that Cellino & Barnes wanted him to settle his accident case for $25,000. We settled his case for the entire $100,000 insurance policy.

Will It Cost Me Any More Money To Change My Personal Injury Lawyer?

No. Your legal fee will remain the same at 1/3 of what the personal injury lawyer gets you, no matter how many times you change your personal injury lawyer.

We will work out with your previous lawyer how much of the 1/3 legal fee will be paid by us to your previous personal injury lawyer.

Will Changing Lawyers Hurt Or Delay My Personal Injury Case?

No. In fact, if you’re reading this, you are probably unhappy with your current lawyer and it’s probably for a good reason. Another lawyer will probably be able to get you more money and maybe even quicker.

Do I have To Call My Personal Injury Lawyer To Change Lawyers?

No. Your new personal injury lawyer will contact your previous personal injury lawyer to arrange to transfer your file.

How Do I Change My Personal Injury Lawyer In New York?

Just call us or give your name and number to the operator in the chat window for a free second opinion with no pressure. If you sign a retainer with us, we will contact your personal injury lawyer and arrange everything. You won’t have to speak with your lawyer or do anything.

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