Back Pain

Most back pain is associated with an injury to the neck (cervical spine) or lower back (lumbar spine).  Injuries to the thoracic spine are rare.  When the thoracic spine is injured, it’s usually fractured which is a serious injury.

Lumbar spine injuries can include a fracture (broken bone) of the spine; injury to a disc; or a soft tissue injury.  If there is a fracture or if surgery is needed, we consider it to be a serious injury no matter what kind of accident caused it, including car accidents where we must prove you have a “legally serious” injury.

Serious lower back injuries involving a disc (or disk):

  1. Bulging lumbar disc is where a disc is damaged causing it to bulge out and press on a nerve.
  2. Herniated lumbar disc is where the disc material has gone beyond bulging to the point where it has broken through it’s protective outer coating and is pressing on a nerve.

Accidents causing damage to a disc results in one or more bulging discs, herniated discs, or a combination of bulging and herniated discs.  This type of injury usually gets worse over time and must either be tolerated and treated with constant exercise and stretching or be treated with surgery.

Lower back injuries to the lumbar spine often referred to as a soft tissue injury include the following:

  1. Muscle strain.
  2. Ligament sprain.

Accidents which cause a muscle strain or ligament sprain will result in mild to moderate discomfort or pain but not serious pain and should go away within 4-12 weeks after the accident.  In some cases, a ligament sprain which causes instability may require surgery.

There are several lumbar discs, labeled as L1 at the top of the lower back to L5 which is at the bottom of the lower back.  Below the L5 lumbar vertebrae is the sacrum.

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Following are several videos showing the new types of minimal incision or minimally invasive spine surgery.

Stryker® Percutaneous Discectomy using a very tiny vacuum (actual surgery) (Stryker is a brand name)

Hydro Percutaneous Discectomy using a water jet (animation)

Percutaneous laser discectomy (animation)

Doctors have begun doing stem cell implant surgery for lumbar disk injuries. We have several clients who have had stem cell implant surgery for lower back injuries sustained in an accident.
What is stem cell therapy?

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