Concussion was previously thought not to be serious but has more recently been recognized as a very serious injury.  A concussion is a violent shaking of the head and brain.

The injured person may not even be aware of having been violently shaken, or having received a concussion, or may think that it was no big deal.  However, it is now known to be a very big deal.

If you had a concussion or if you were unconscious at the time of accident, you have a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). You should pay particular attention to the symptoms caused by this injury because it is often noted in the hospital and then overlooked.

When brought to the hospital emergency room, the doctors are usually concerned with life-threatening injuries. A CT scan may show a small drop of blood on or in your brain but when the doctors are convinced that it is not life-threatening, it is forgotten and left untreated.

The symptoms of a concussion are extremely serious and are permanent. There is no cure but treatment can be attempted to train the brain to use different pathways to perform functions which can no longer be performed, such as loss of memory and the ability to recall names or daily activities.

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We obtained a $1.25 million settlement for a concussion with symptoms that did not present until a month after the accident.

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