My Lawyer Dropped My Accident Case

If you were injured in an accident in New York and you’re in one of these situations, call us:

  1. I spoke to other accident lawyers who don’t want my case.
  2. My personal injury lawyer told me they don’t want my case anymore.
  3. My personal injury lawyer sent me a letter saying they are dropping my case and should look for another accident lawyer.
lawyer who rejected accident case

Did Your Lawyer Reject Your Case?

If Your Lawyer Rejected Your Accident Case, We Want to Speak with You!

We often take cases other personal injury lawyers don’t want. In fact, we just agreed to represent a client whose eight-year-old daughter was injured at school but no other lawyer wanted the case. We believe it’s a very good case, but she called several other lawyers, none of whom were willing to take the case. We told her immediately that we want to represent her.

If you can’t find a personal injury lawyer to take your case or if a personal injury attorney was representing you and drop your case, call us immediately.

Attorney Rob Plevy, Esq.

We’re happy to speak with you and probably will take your case!

We successfully represented both:

  1. Clients whose lawyer dropped their accident case; and
  2. Clients who called several lawyers but couldn’t find a lawyer who wants their accident case.

Examples of Cases Other Personal Injury Lawyers Didn’t Want but We Successfully Settled

More details about these cases can be found on our personal injury settlement and verdict results page.

Clients Who Were Dropped by Their Accident Lawyers

We settled a case for $750,000 for a woman in the Bronx who was rejected by a Bronx lawyer. She injured her back in a car accident but the lawyer she went to wasn’t interested because she only had back pain. We took her case immediately. Although she had a previous existing back injury with years of treatment right up until her car accident we were able to settle the case for $750,000.

Lia slipped and fell on ice at a restaurant. The insurance company offered $0 to settle. She was originally represented by Kramer & Pollock who dropped her case and then by Cellino & Barnes. Although Cellino and Barnes say “we’ll put our best attorneys on your case”, they also dropped her case. We settled her case for $55,000.

We settled Kristine’s case for the entire insurance policy of $25,000. Kristine went to Rosenberg & Gluck, a personal injury law firm in Holtsville, NY. She was injured in a pedestrian accident in Suffolk County when a car ran over her foot. Rosenberg & Gluck dropped her accident case because they were unable to locate the driver of the car or his insurance company. We found the driver in Virginia and his insurance company paid the entire $25,000 insurance policy.

Clients Who Were Rejected by Other Personal Injury Lawyers

We obtained the entire $100,000 insurance policy for a client injured in a bicycle accident when he ran a red light and was struck by a car which had a green light in Queens. Our client was rejected by two other personal injury lawyers.

We obtained the entire $25,000 insurance policy for a client injured in a motorcycle accident when he ran a stop sign and was struck by a car in Suffolk. Our client admitted to the police officer that he did not see the stop sign. Our client spoke with two other lawyers who would not take his case.

We obtained a $155,000 settlement for a motorcyclist who had only $25,000 uninsured coverage and was drunk with .203 BAC when he was injured in a hit and run motorcycle accident on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn. Our client could not find a personal injury lawyer to take his case until he called us.

We settled a case for a motorcyclist whose motorcycle skidded on grease in a parking lot behind a shopping mall. He went to Rosenberg & Gluck but they were not interested in his case. Almost 3 years later, he called them again but they still did not want his case. We were hesitant to take the case only because there were only a few months left to the statute of limitations but we decided to take the case and successfully settled it.

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