Bigger Lost Wage Check for You!

Lost Wages & Disability Payments for Car Accident Victims

If you have had a car accident in New York, you are entitled to be reimbursed for lost wages from the No-Fault insurance company.

But disability checks paid by the No-Fault insurance company are made payable to both you and your lawyer. Why?

This is because car accident lawyers often charge a legal fee for handling your disability claim and making the check payable to your lawyer allows your lawyer to subtract the legal fee and protects the No-Fault insurance company from a claim by the lawyer for payment of the legal fee.

We do NOT charge our clients a legal fee for handling their lost wage disability claim. This can make a big difference to you when you have a car accident, have been unable to work and have to pay your rent or mortgage, utility bills, and other necessary expenses.

You can see the difference in the following example showing two of the disability checks issued to one of our clients. Our client had a car accident and received several more disability checks from No-Fault besides the two shown here. The name, claim number and bank account number have been blacked out.

Lost wage disability check

Lost Wage disability check

These two disability checks for lost wages in the amount of $2,000 each for a total of $4,000 were deposited into our escrow account because the check was payable to two parties and we then forwarded a check to our client for $4,000 with no deduction for legal fees. We request the insurance company to send checks directly to our clients and made payable only to our clients but sometimes they screw up and send a two-party check to us.

If we had charged a one-third legal fee of $1,333.33, we would have forwarded $2,666.66 to our client instead of $4,000.

Our client will receive $666.66 extra every month!

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