Personal Medical Manager

Do you wish you could have a personal doctor with injury rehabilitation expertise to explain what your doctors are doing and planning; what treatment you should be getting; whether you should have surgery; and what your treatment options are?  Now you can!

We provide many of our clients with a personal medical manager who is a licensed New York medical doctor with a specialty in Physiatry.  A Physiatrist is an expert in orthopedics, neurology, pain management, and rehabilitation of injuries after an accident.

Our doctor is available by phone for you to discuss your injuries, treatment, and treatment options.

Our doctor will also obtain your medical records for us quicker than we can because he’s a doctor and he will manage the medical aspect of your case to document every detail of each of your injuries so we can maximize and prove the value of your case.

Don’t hire just a personal injury lawyer.  We’ll provide truly personal service and additional services you’re not likely to find with another attorney.