Preliminary Conference

What is a Preliminary Conference?

The Preliminary Conference is usually the first court appearance in personal injury lawsuits in New York.

The purpose of a Preliminary Conference is to obtain a Court Order ordering the dates for completion of all the steps necessary to finish your case and the types of documents and other items to be exchanged such as:

  • Authorizations for medical records
  • Authorizations for medical insurance files
  • Authorizations for employment information
  • Electronic discovery (email, Facebook, etc)
  • Accident reports
  • Photographs, and
  • The plaintiff’s Bill of Particulars.
  • The defendant’s Bill of Particulars
  • Defendant’s insurance policy

The  Preliminary Conference Order will also provide various dates for items such as:

  • Depositions of both you and the defendants
  • Physical examinations (usually within 30-60 days of the deposition) of you by the defendant’s doctors
  • Certain motions
  • Compliance Conference
  • Certification Conference
  • Date to certify the case as ready for trial

Who goes to the Preliminary Conference?

You will not be at the Preliminary Conference or other conferences.  Only the attorneys representing all the parties in your case will appear at the Preliminary Conference.

You will have to appear for your deposition and physical exams.  We will notify you of the date of your deposition and you will meet with us at our office before your deposition to prepare you for your deposition (see how we will prepare you for your deposition).  When we notify you of the date of your deposition, should it be inconvenient for you, we will have no problem rescheduling it to a more convenient date.

We will also notify you of the dates of your physical exams. We will meet with you 30 minutes before just before your physical exam to prepare you (see how we will prepare you for your physical exams).