Crime Victims

Have you been injured because of a crime? You are entitled to compensation and you may be able to obtain compensation from two different sources.

You may be able to obtain compensation through a lawsuit but you can also file a claim with the New York State Office of Victim Services.

Unless the perpetrator of a crime has money or a good job, to obtain compensation through a lawsuit, the lawyer has to find insurance coverage.

An example of the type of crime where a civil lawsuit would probably not be successful in obtaining compensation from the perpetrator is where a person is walking down the street when suddenly punched by a homeless person.

A lawsuit may be successful in obtaining substantial compensation for many other types of crimes. Some examples are:

  • Sexual assault of a child by an employee of a company or organization.
  • Sexual assault of an employee or customer because of the negligence of a company or organization.
  • A victim of violent crime where there was inadequate security.
  • A bar or restaurant may be liable for serving too much alcohol where someone was assaulted by a drunk customer.
  • College or university students who have been sexually assaulted may have a Title IX case against the college or university.
  • Vehicular assault or manslaughter: Hit & Run, DUI / DWI / DWAI, Reckless Driving.

If you have been injured or know someone who was killed because of a violent crime and you think there was a company or organization which was negligent, call for a free consultation and speak with Attorneys Phil Franckel and Rob Plevy right now. Just call 1-800-487-8911