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Quote from online chat: [6/3/2017 5:58:19 AM CDT] Visitor: I’m hearing a lot about Phil frankel how can I get in touch with him?

An unsolicited post on Facebook from Donna, one of our great clients who also became a great friend
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Thanks for your article. I was not aware of the issue with the Notice of Entry but I am now an expert. Judge B.C. (Supreme Court Judge)

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 10 reviews
You are in good hands with him

Phil has the utmost integrity and will do anything for his client. You are in good hands with him. His expertise stands out. He will get what is deserved. i don't know a more intelligent, caring and wonderful attorney. You will always get the right answer with him. His is tried and true. Amy Penzell

Exceeded expectations

When an insurance company refuse to pay me for an accident I was in, Phil went above and beyond to make sure I got what I deserved.

Exceptional Attorney

Mr. Franckel represented me in a personal injury case against two construction contractors. His professional attitude and knowledge guided me through the process and I received a quick and very substantial settlement which I used to buy a building for my company. I recommend him and his firm highly!

A Lawyer That Makes You Feel Part Of The Family

Philip Leslie Franckel was on call 24/7 like a doctor. He is a very respectful, hard working individual and his goal is to help and inform you through every step of the case, he makes you feel comfortable. He answers any questions you have about your case. In my case I had a broken knee and Philip cared about my well being and as well as my family. And when he settled my case he still kept in contact with me to make sure I was fine. In my opinion I feel that he was a terrific lawyer.


Never experienced any kind of trauma in my life until I was in a car accident. I found Mr. Franckel in the yellow pages and it was the best decision I ever made. From the beginning Mr. Franckel was the best. He handled my case with care, confidence & concern. Always being honest and straight forward with me. He is the kind of lawyer you can trust and during my case I always felt at ease because I knew I had the best lawyer representing my interest. To this day I tell all my friends if your ever in a car accident I have the perfect lawyer for you. Thanks Mr. Franckel


I was injured in a car accident. While looking for a lawyer I found this website, called 1-800-HURT-911 and spoke with Mr. Franckel. He was very polite,and informative, He consulted with me right over the phone. I would recommend him to my family and friends. He knows his stuff. Thanks Mr. Franckel for all your help!

re: My experience as a client of Phil Franckel

I never met a more personable, kind and competent lawyer in my life, Phil was patient, and showed a level of excellence that surpassed any expectation that a person can have when working with an attorney.I personally recommended to Phil over 5-7 family & friends, who needed a lawyerfor various reasons.I will always let everyone know that if they ever need an accident lawyer they shouldcall Phil immediately. 

Unbelievable settlement

I was at a red light and another car hit me in the rear. I bit my lower lip on the inside. It healed without any problems and only left a tiny white mark on the inside of my lip. The other car had insurance with State Farm. Phil Franckel settled my case for $16,000. I never expected to get anything more than a couple of hundred dollars.

The best lawyer

My ex boyfriend ran over my foot and drove off and there was no police report. His car was registered in MO and he went back there because he was afraid he would be arrested. My first lawyer couldn't find any information about the car or the insurance and after four months, he gave up and told me he couldn't represent me.I called a second lawyer, Philip Franckel at 1-800-HURT-911 and he found my ex boyfriend and his insurance in a couple of weeks. Two months later, the insurance company offered to pay my ex boyfriend's entire insurance policy.Because my first lawyer never filed my no-fault application, Medicaid had a lien on my case. I lost $50,000 of no-fault insurance to pay my medical bills which were about $50,000. But Mr. Franckel got the Medicaid lien waived. I wish I had called Mr. Franckel first!


My lawyer wasn't able to get a settlement offer from Allstate. I changed lawyers and hired Philip Franckel. He settled my case a few months later for $35,000. I was thrilled that I received a fair settlement quickly and didn't have to go to court.