Will Cellino and Barnes Best Attorney Work on My Accident Case?

Cellino and Barnes advertise that their best attorney will work on your case!

The title of this Cellino and Barnes advertisement says “Our Best Attorney” but then says “we’ll put our best attorneys on your case”.

But will Cellino and Barnes really put their best attorney on your case?

Who are their best attorneys? We’re sure that Stephen Barnes and Ross Cellino won’t be working on your case!

Cellino and Barnes have a lot of attorneys but their best attorneys can only work on a few cases and they probably have tens of thousands of cases.

Cellino and Barnes advertisement stating they will put their best attorney on your case

At 1-800-HURT-911® FRANCKEL & PLEVY, the Partners Work on Your case!

We have a different system for working on cases. Instead of assigning cases to particular lawyers, partners Philip L. Franckel, Esq. and Robert T. Plevy, Esq. work on the most important aspects of every case and other lawyers handle less important aspects of the case.

Star Icon When your case goes to trial, you get at least 3 or 4 partners working on your case. We call this the dream team!

Star Icon Our clients love us because we give them personal attention, you can’t get with a huge law firm. Our clients can always call us 7 days/nights/weekends!

Star Icon That’s why we were named the 44th fastest growing law firm in the US!

Cellino and Barnes say they have gotten some clients many times more than what the insurance company offered. We almost always do that! Take a look at some of our results.

Find out if your injury is a serious injury — Call the HURT911® Personal Injury Dream Team Attorneys Rob Plevy & Phil Franckel right now for a free consultation! We’ll speak to you Days/Nights/Weekends!

  Avvo Client's Choice-Injury Attorney badge American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys High Verdict Badge

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At HURT911® you can speak with Dream Team Partners Rob Plevy, Esq. and Phil Franckel, Esq. whenever you need, days/nights/weekends.

Attorney Rob Plevy, Esq.         Attorney Phil Franckel, Esq.

Get the HURT911® Personal Injury Dream Team™ on your side!
Call Attorneys Rob Plevy & Phil Franckel days/nights/weekends for a free consultation


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