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If you don’t have a serious injury, we still want to represent you. But you may be wondering if you have a serious injury that could be worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. —Don’t assume that your injury isn’t serious.

Even soft tissue injuries can be serious and valuable. We obtained a $1 million settlement for a woman in her 50s with a soft tissue injury when she was knocked to the floor by a forklift and $750,000 for another woman in her 50s with a soft tissue injury when she was injured in a car accident.

Some personal injury law firms don’t want your case if you don’t have surgery or a broken bone. But you don’t need surgery or a broken bone for us to take your case.

In a lawsuit against their law firm, lawyers Gonzalez and Levenson, claimed that Steinger, Iscoe & Greene had a “no surgery, no case” policy; used nonlawyers to do work that is only allowed to be done by lawyers; and illegally paid money to runners to get cases. This is not the kind of law firm you want for your injury case.

So do you have a serious injury? Just call us to find out for free.

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Serious injuries you may not think are serious but are serious

Any broken bone is a serious injury but this fracture is a very serious injury
3-D color x-ray image showing wrist fracture with plate and screws

Injuries which may be serious:

(When surgery is required, these injuries are definitely serious and can be worth more than $1 million)

Obviously serious & catastrophic injuries:

Please take a look at some of our settlements and verdicts for injuries.

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