Burn Injury Lawyers

Do I Need a Lawyer For a Burn Injury?

You need a burn injury lawyer if you have a burn that is a 2nd-degree, 3rd-degree burn, or 4th-degree burn. Read why you should not try to settle your burn injury claim without a lawyer.

What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need For a Burn Injury?

Burn injury lawyers are personal injury lawyers. Burn injuries are one of the types of injuries in the field of personal injury lawyers.

What Questions Should I Ask a Burn Injury Lawyer?

  1. Do you only represent people injured in an accident?
  2. Have you had other personal injury cases involving scars?
  3. Can you show me photos of the scars your clients have had and tell me how much money they got for their scars?

See a list of questions to ask a personal injury lawyer when you have a burn injury and How to Compare Personal Injury Lawyers for burns in New York.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer For a First-Degree Burn?

Usually not. You do not need a personal injury lawyer for burns if you do not require medical treatment and the burn disappears after a few days.

First-degree burns are superficial burns affecting only the top layer of your skin. More severe burns penetrate deep into the skin.

When Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer For a First-Degree Burn?

When the burn leaves a mark or scar that doesn’t go away after a few months. If that happens, it is likely that the burn was at least a 2nd-degree burn. Is my burn injury serious enough?

See more information about burn injuries below including a diagram image showing the difference between the types of burn injuries, causes of burn injuries, and what a burn injury is worth.

What Causes Burn Injuries?

Burn injuries can be caused by any of the following:

What Are The Degrees of Burn Injuries?

The seriousness of a burn is described in degrees called a first-degree burn, second-degree burn, third-degree burn, or fourth-degree burn.

graphic image showing the severity of first, second and third degree burn injuries

Burn Injury Chart

1st Degree Burns

A first-degree burn causes pain, redness, and swelling but is not a serious burn.

You usually do not need a burn injury lawyer for a first-degree burn. But please call us for a free consultation to find out if you should have a burn injury lawyer for your 1st-degree burn.

2nd Degree Burns

Second-degree burns or partial-thickness burns are often serious and can be worth a significant amount of money in a personal injury settlement. These burns usually do not cause scarring, but the pigmentation of the burned area may change. Second-degree burns affect both the outer and underlying layer of skin and cause blistering.

You need a burn injury lawyer for a 2nd-degree burn.

3rd Degree Burns

Third-degree burns are always serious and often extremely serious. Third-degree burns also called full-thickness burns affect the deep layers of skin and may require skin grafting.

Third-degree burns affecting a large area of the body are life-threatening. Even third-degree burns affecting a small area of the body can be dangerous due to the possibility of infection. Third-degree burns can cause significant disfiguring and debilitating scars.

You need a burn injury lawyer for a 3rd-degree burn.

4th Degree Burns

Fourth-degree burns are third-degree burns (full-thickness burns) that extend into the muscle and bone and are life-threatening. Obviously, fourth-degree burns are extremely serious.

You need a burn injury lawyer for a 4th-degree burn.

Will I Need An Amputation If I Have a Burn Injury?

Burn injuries rarely result in amputation. Most amputations due to burns are caused by a fire in car accidents and a few are caused by high-voltage electrical injury.

Burn injuries that cause an amputation are extremely valuable and can be worth as much as $100 Million.

Amputation can reduce the probability of death because of very severe burns. If a severe burn results in death, there may be a wrongful death case.

How Much Is My Burn Injury Worth?

Due to the visible nature, burn injuries are worth a lot of money and are more easily settled than many other injury cases.

Serious burns result in scarring. More serious burns result in disfigurement and extremely serious burns result in restrictions of movement, extensive treatment including skin grafting, and other types of medical treatment.

The burn injury lawyers at 1-800-HURT-911 may be able to get you as much as several million dollars for your burn injury.

This photo shows a serious 2nd-degree heat burn on our client’s calf caused by contact with his motorcycle exhaust and a serious 2nd-degree friction burn on his thigh from the tire.
Third degree burns on a leg from a motorcycle accident

Burns from a fire often involve many related injuries such as traumatic brain injury, airway burns, and lung burns with serious future consequences.

$19,786,818 was awarded to a 23-year-old who was severely burned with third-degree burns when a gas company employee negligently opened the wrong gas valve.

Find out The Real Facts About the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Lawsuit and the third-degree burn written by Attorney Phil Franckel.

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Children With Burn Injuries

Burn injuries on children are usually worth more than adults with burn injuries, although burn injuries with adults are already extremely valuable.

Why are burn injuries on children worth more?

  • Burn injuries can cause growth issues
  • Sympathy factor for children
  • Children have a much longer life span with many more years of pain, suffering, and medical expenses