It’s important that you read this if you need a plastic surgeon because of a car accident

This photo shows a scar across a man’s forearm from a motorcycle accident in Suffolk County. We settled the case for $150,000
scar on arm

We settled a scar on the inside of a woman’s lip (similar to the scar in the photo below) for $16,000 for a client who had a car accident in Nassau County.  The scar was so small it didn’t show up on a photo!  The scar in this photo plus a small scar on his leg (among other previous scars) was settled for $25,000.
scar inside lip

This client was getting out of her boyfriend’s car in Queens. Being a gentleman, he opened the door for but accidentally let go to quickly and the car door hit her in the face. Her plastic surgeon wanted $8,000 upfront and her first lawyer couldn’t get the plastic surgeon to agree to get paid by no-fault to surgically repair this scar, but we did. Then we settled the case for the entire insurance policy limit of $50,000. Although it’s worth much more, $50,000 was the limit of the insurance policy. The policyholder who owned the car was our client’s boyfriend so she did not want to pursue any more money.
scar near nose

The injury below (2 photos) was caused in a hair salon when the woman cutting his hair accidentally snipped his ear.  They put a bandage on it and told him it was nothing.  When he went home, his mother took him to a plastic surgeon.  They learned it was a more serious injury and required surgery to prevent a scar.  He didn’t have health insurance and we got the plastic surgeon to agree to get paid at the end of the case.  The insurance company offered $8,000 and after a meeting wouldn’t offer more than $10,000.  We arbitrated the case and was awarded $25,000.

Before surgery
ear laceration injury before surgery

Immediately after plastic surgery but before it healed with a tiny scar
ear injury after surgery

Extremely Serious Scars

This photo shows one of our clients with healing third-degree burns on his leg from a motorcycle accident in Queens. The burns resulted in scarring worth more than the $200,000 insurance.
Third degree burns

Please take a look at some of our settlements and verdicts for scar injuries.

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