Insurance Investigation

Will Your Lawyer Find All the Insurance Available for Your Accident?  We catch the insurance companies when they tried to hide insurance!

When you have a serious injury worth more than the insurance policy, it’s important that your attorney knows how to find insurance policies which the insurance company is not disclosing.

Your lawyer will file a claim with the insurance company which will respond with the insurance information. But how do you know if there is another insurance policy providing more money?

Has your lawyer found all of these insurance policies?

  • $million dollar umbrella insurance
  • Additional insurance policies
  • Verified the correct insurance policy limits

If you call another attorney, ask:

  • How he or she can search for other insurance.
  • In how many cases did the lawyer find insurance coverage which the insurance company lied about and can the lawyer prove it by showing you documents.

Most attorneys do not know how to search for other insurance but we do and we provide copies of documents below proving we have found insurance companies trying to cheat our clients.

We occasionally find an insurance company trying to hide the existence of $million dollar umbrella insurance. In one case, we found a 2nd $100,000 insurance policy. In another case, although we’re sure they would say it was just a mistake, the insurance company repeatedly lied about the policy limits! (see the insurance company letters below)

Smart attorneys will have the defendant’s insurance company get an affidavit of no other insurance so you can void the release if more insurance is later found. The problem is that once your case is settled, no one will ever know if there was additional insurance.

See How This Client Could Have Been Cheated

These letters show how an insurance company disclosed only one insurance policy providing $100,000 coverage for our client. Later, when we discovered a second insurance policy providing another $100,000, the insurance company sent a letter claiming that the policies would pay pro rata with $50,000 from each policy and the total coverage was still only $100,000. We did not believe this and demanded a copy of the underwriter’s file. We then received a letter admitting that the total coverage is $200,000.

Insurance company letter advising of $100,000 insurance coverage for the accident (click on image for full size)
insurance company letter acknowledging claim

After we found an additional insurance policy, this insurance company letter advised they will pay pro rata and the total insurance is still only $100,000 (click on image for full size)
insurance company letter advising they will pay pro rata

This insurance company letter shows they finally admitted the total insurance is $200,000 (click on image for full size)
insurance company letter advising we were right

Finding the additional insurance policy was extremely important to our client because he suffered serious injuries worth more than both insurance policies.

See How This Client Could Have Been Cheated

In this case, 21st Century Insurance repeatedly told us on the phone that the insurance coverage limit was $50,000. They sent us a letter stating that it was $50,000. We sent an affidavit of insurance coverage to the insurance company to forward to their insured and they sent it back to us with an affidavit printed by 21st Century Insurance stating that the insurance coverage is $50,000.

The letter claiming the policy limit is $50,000 per person (click on image for full size)
Insurance letter showing $50,000 coverage

Sworn affidavit of insurance coverage printed by 21st Century Insurance which they asked their policyholder to sign stating the coverage is $50,000 per person (click on image for full size)
Insurance Affidavit

Actual insurance coverage declarations page showing the coverage is really $100,000 per person (click on image for full size)
Insurance Declarations Page

Our client had a serious crush injury to his leg and the insurance company tried to cheat him out of $50,000!

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