Plastic Surgery

Do You Need to Pay a Plastic Surgeon Upfront After an Accident?

No. When you need plastic surgery because of an accident, your plastic surgeon will want you to pay a lot of money, thousands of dollars, upfront but you do not have to pay the plastic surgeon upfront out of your pocket.

Where the money will come from depends upon whether your injury is from a car accident or any other type of accident. But it should not come from you!

How to Pay for Plastic Surgery When You Had a Car Accident

When you have a car accident in New York and need plastic surgery or treatment from a plastic surgeon because of a broken nose, scar, or any other reason, you do not need to pay a plastic surgeon upfront because New York no-fault insurance will pay the plastic surgeon.

The problem is how to get your plastic surgeon to accept payment from no-fault insurance. We can get your plastic surgeon to accept your no-fault insurance because we know how to make your plastic surgeon comfortable that he or she will get paid from no-fault.

Many personal injury lawyers do not know how to get a plastic surgeon to accept no-fault insurance. We have had many car accident cases where our client needed plastic surgery and we have always been able to get the plastic surgeon to accept New York no-fault insurance so our clients didn’t have to pay anything upfront.

Many of our clients who needed plastic surgery from a car accident came to us when their personal injury lawyer was unable to get their plastic surgeon to accept no-fault insurance and suggested that they borrow the money at very high interest rates. Read about borrowing money against your personal injury case.

We can probably get you treated by most plastic surgeons in New York but we can definitely get you treated by a well-known plastic surgeon in Great Neck who will accept No-Fault for any kind of plastic surgery treatment such as lacerations, scar revision, surgery for a broken nose, or any other type of treatment for which you need a plastic surgeon.

If you need treatment by a plastic surgeon for a broken nose or other injuries from a car accident and you need a car accident lawyer, we will arrange to get your plastic surgery treatment paid by no-fault insurance.

We will file your No-Fault claim and your No-Fault application; handle all of your No-Fault billing issues, and represent you for your disability payments at no charge! 

You must file a No-Fault application within 30 days of the date of your car accident and it can sometimes be difficult and take time to determine the correct No-Fault insurance company, so don’t wait.

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What Kind of Plastic Surgery Treatment Will No-Fault Pay for?

New York no-fault insurance will pay for plastic surgery when you have a broken nose or need scar revision surgery. But New York no-fault insurance will pay for any kind of treatment from a plastic surgeon, not just surgery. For instance, no-fault will pay for laser treatments.

We had a client with burn abrasions on her face from an airbag in her car. She had large brown marks on one side of her face. She went to a plastic surgeon to get several laser treatments to help heal her face and remove the brown marks. We got her plastic surgeon to accept New York no-fault insurance as payment for the treatment so she did not have to pay upfront for the plastic surgeon’s treatment.

Paying for Plastic Surgery When You Had an Accident That Was Not a Car Accident

When you need plastic surgery or treatment from a plastic surgeon, there are several options to get money to pay your plastic surgeon so you don’t have to pay out of your pocket.

If you have health insurance, your health insurance will pay for treatment by a plastic surgeon.

If you were injured because of someone else and/or a company, their insurance policy may have medical payments coverage that could pay for your plastic surgeon. The advantage of medical payment coverage is that the money is available to you immediately and negligence is not needed to obtain reimbursement of the cost of treatment by a plastic surgeon.

If you were injured because of the negligence of someone else and/or a company and their insurance policy does not have medical payments coverage, they are still responsible to pay for your injury and medical costs. That money will be reimbursed to you from their liability insurance (not medical payments coverage) although you won’t receive that money for a while.

You can “borrow” the money by obtaining a lawsuit cash advance to pay for your medical treatment. A “loan” is beneficial because you won’t need to come up with the money out of your pocket.

The interest rate charged for a lawsuit cash advance is very high but we have an agreement with a company to get you a rate that is substantially less than what other companies charge. Read more about getting money with a lawsuit cash advance. Additionally, if there is enough liability insurance, the defendant will be responsible to reimburse you for the amount advanced and the interest.

Why You Need Plastic Surgery After an Accident

Injury from an accident causing a scar or, worse, disfigurement will alter your appearance permanently.  Accompanying physical injury is often mental injury.

Even small scars can produce permanent and daily life-altering mental strain. While plastic surgery should improve your appearance, it will not restore your appearance to what it was before your accident.

You may feel as if your identity has been changed in a negative way, resulting in a mental condition called dysphoria, body dysphoria, or body dysmorphic disorder.

This scar is not large and was significantly improved with plastic surgery but this woman still experiences significant mental anguish and emotional distress every day.

scar before plastic surgery            scar after plastic surgery

Men suffer from emotional distress as well as women. This scar on a man’s lower back makes him very self-conscious and causes substantial emotional distress, even though it’s not always visible.

scar from laceration on lower back

The injured victim may relive the accident and/or the resulting injuries on a daily basis which is called posttraumatic stress disorder. Someone with dysphoria will experience debilitating discomfort with the newly altered and unwanted appearance leading to depression and behavioral changes including frustration, rage, anxiousness, and other feelings.

When Do You Need Plastic Surgery Because of an Accident?

Why Plastic surgery or reconstruction surgery may be needed after trauma

  • To correct a facial or body disfigurement,
  • To prevent a scar from forming,
  • For scar revision surgery to eliminate a scar that has already formed,
  • To repair an injury where a scar could be caused.

Common injuries from accidents requiring plastic surgery

How to Avoid or Reduce Scarring When Injured in an Accident

If you had an accident and a doctor in the hospital emergency room says you need sutures,  stitches, or staples, tell the doctor that you want a plastic surgeon. You may be told that a plastic surgeon is not in the hospital at that moment. However, the hospital can call a plastic surgeon to come in.

You may have to wait another few hours but a plastic surgeon will either prevent a scar from forming or substantially reduce the scar.