Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery may be needed to prevent a scar from forming; for scar revision surgery to eliminate a scar which has already formed; or to repair an injury where a scar could be caused or an injury which is usually in the field of plastic surgery.

Common injuries from accidents requiring plastic surgery:


Broken nose

A broken nose is a fracture.  Sometimes people who break their nose in an accident don’t get treated by a plastic surgeon but this is a mistake. Lacerations or cuts which may cause a scar should also be treated by a plastic surgeon.  Plastic surgery may be difficult to get because payment is usually required upfront, but we can help.

People hurt in car accidents are often not able to be treated by a plastic surgeon because they don’t accept No-Fault and want you to pay $8,000-10,000 up front.  But we can get the plastic surgeon to provide treatment if you were in a car accident.

If you were injured in another type of accident and do not have health insurance, we can usually arrange for a plastic surgeon to do the surgery on a lien against your case.  The cost of the surgery will be added to the value of your case so you will get that back.


Breast implant leak injury

This photo shows a breast implant leak which occurred when her car was hit in the rear and the seat belt impacted her breast.  Over a period of time, her breast slowly began deflating.  She went to a plastic surgeon and learned that it was due to the car accident.  The plastic surgeon wanted $8,000 up front but she didn’t have the money.  We arranged for the plastic surgeon to get paid up front by No-Fault insurance so she could have the surgery.

No-Fault insurance must pay for replacement of both implants because implants come in matched sets and if only one is replaced, it would look unnatural.  An additional problem is that the other implant could be compromised and begin leaking a later date.

The photo shows the leak in the right breast which is on the left side of the photo.  You can see how the left breast still has a full look while the right breast is now much smaller both on the top of the right breast and the lower part of the breast.  The entire breast has now become smaller.
breast implant leak from car accident