How to Hire an Accident Lawyer

12 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury or Accident Lawyer

  1. Does the lawyer provide a free consultation without any obligation from you? Hire a lawyer who provides a free consultation without obligation.
  2. Does the law firm practice in any other field other than personal injury? Hire a law firm that only does personal injury.
  3. Has the lawyer had cases with your type of injury and accident? For instance, most personal injury lawyers have little or no experience representing motorcyclists. We are probably the largest lawyers for motorcycle accidents.
  4. Will the lawyer take your case on contingency which means that you don’t have to pay any legal fees unless your case is successful. In New York, your legal fee should be 1/3 of what your lawyer gets you and is paid at the end of your case. See our fees, expenses, and services.
  5. Will the lawyer represent you for collision damage to your car or motorcycle? If yes, will there be a legal fee for the money collected for your collision damage? (We do this for free)
  6. Will the lawyer advance all case expenses so you don’t need any money?
  7. Will you be charged for legal research, fax, copying, postage, messenger fees, travel, computer storage, case file data backup, case file archiving, storage fees, shredding, telephone, and other similar charges?
  8. Will you be responsible to pay any case expenses if the lawyer does not get you money?
  9. Will you be charged interest on money advanced for case expenses?
  10. Will the lawyer ask you to get any accident reports, medical records or other documents? Hire a lawyer who will do everything for you. (We get these records for you)
  11. Will you be able to call the lawyer, not a paralegal or secretary, when you have a question which you prefer to ask the lawyer? Hire a lawyer who is willing to speak with you personally when you have a question. We will!
  12. Does the law firm ever represent defendants? Hire a law firm that does not represent defendants and only represents plaintiffs. We never have or will represent defendants!

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