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1-800-HURT-911® New York’s Personal Injury Dream Team™
if it’s important to you, it’s important to us!

1-800-HURT-911 NY is a new concept in personal injury law designed to provide hyper-personal service in a large trial firm setting to clients injured in any type of accident in New York. Personal service and 7 days/nights anytime telephone access to an attorney partner are not available anywhere else.

We are a small boutique personal injury law firm that has an association with two very large personal injury law firms. This allows us to give very personal service and keep control of our cases, especially settlement negotiations and trial tactics to maximize settlements and verdicts while having the power of a large personal injury law firm with nearly 100 employees to do much of the work, anywhere in New York State.

This unique concept means you’ll get both personal service and 3-5 lawyers working on your case at the same time. At trial, when we come to the courtroom with several lawyers, juries see that your case is important to us.

Personal service doesn’t just mean answering your phone calls, emails, and text messages. We provide assistance obtaining medical treatment, cash advance money at the lowest rate available to help you pay bills after your accident, and even our Concierge Care™ for some seriously injured clients that provides various services which can include a personal assistant and driver.

No other personal injury law firm in New York provides the personal service we give including access to our personal phone numbers. Founding partners Rob Plevy and Phil Franckel are always available to answer your calls. Attorney Phil Franckel has even answered calls from clients on the Avenue des ChampsÉlysées in Paris, France, and from his balcony on a Royal Carribian cruise ship in the Mediterranean.

That’s why we’re The Personal Injury Dream Team™

Attorney Phil Franckel works from his house (seen in the video above) in Roslyn, LI and we have additional locations in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Bayshore, and Woodbury.

Our success led to FRANCKEL & PLEVY, LLP being named a Law Firm 500 Honoree for 44th Fastest Growing Law Firm in the US — Three Years Running! Yet we’re still able to give personal service to every client.

Bronx office at 231 Gun Hill Rd1-800-HURT-911 Bronx office

Working out of Phil Franckel’s house lets him be a workaholic working 7 days and nights in a very comfortable atmosphere.  We have a Nespresso cappuccino machine and Nespresso coffee machine to keep us working and clients are welcome anytime to come by to discuss their case and enjoy a cappuccino or coffee.

We utilize the most modern computer software and other technology for a personal injury law practice.  We also provide special services to maximize the value of your case; provide the incentive for the defense to settle; obtain a settlement quicker and with less intrusion on your life!

Our clients are never required to speak with a paralegal. You can always speak with Attorneys Phil Franckel or Rob Plevy and you will have our personal phone numbers to call us 7 days/week.

We are highly experienced and skilled personal injury lawyers with top reviews and a proven record of results in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises accidents, and other personal injury claims.

Experience The Personal Injury Dream Team™ for yourself!

To learn more about the personal background of our attorneys, please visit their profiles below.

We represent clients throughout New York with many clients in Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

Many people think they’re not seriously injured when they may actually have a serious injury worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If you don’t think you have a serious injury, please call us now for a free consultation to find out.

With our main office at the house, we’re never stressed out! We’re able to have great meals in our commercial kitchen and when the weather is good, enjoy iced coffee or smoothies on the patio looking at a million flowers and two giant waterfalls.  Clients are welcome to join us!

Personal injury clients can enjoy coffee in the backyard with us!

Get the HURT911® Personal Injury Dream Team™ on your side!
Call Attorneys Rob Plevy & Phil Franckel days/nights/weekends for a free consultation


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