Breast Implant Leak

Is Your Breast Implant Deflated or Leaking from a Car Accident?

Even if only one breast implant was damaged in a car accident, you will need both breast implants replaced by a plastic surgeon. We will get the cost to replace both breast implants paid by no-fault insurance if your injury is from a car accident in New York (see below).

The impact of a seatbelt against the breast during a car accident can rupture a breast implant causing a leak. Either the driver, front seat passenger or rear seat passenger in a car accident can experience a breast implant rupture causing the implant to leak.

How You Can Tell If You Have a Breast Implant Leak

A breast implant leak can occur slowly over a period of days. Usually only one of the breast implants is ruptured but both implants will need to be replaced.

When your breast implant leaks, you may begin to notice that one of the breasts looks a little flatter or slightly deflated as compared to the other. If you have a car accident and notice that one of your breasts seems to be changing shape or appears to be flatter or deflating, you probably have a leaking implant.

The photo below shows a breast implant leak which occurred when her car was hit in the rear and the seat belt impacted her breast.  Over a period of time, her breast slowly began deflating.

Our client went to a plastic surgeon and learned that her breast implant was leaking due to the car accident.  The plastic surgeon wanted $8,000 up front but she didn’t have the money.  We arranged for the plastic surgeon to get paid up front by No-Fault insurance so she could have the surgery.

The photo shows the leak in the right breast (left side of photo).  You can see how the left breast still has a full look and is larger while the right breast is now much smaller both on the top of the right breast and the lower part of the breast.  The entire breast has now become smaller.
breast implant leak from car accident

Why You Need to Replace Both Breast Implants

Although only one of the breast implants may develop a leak, both implants should be replaced because breast implants come in matched sets and if only one is replaced, it would look unnatural.

An additional problem is that the other implant could be compromised and begin leaking a later date. Your doctor will have concerns about the integrity of the breast implant which is not yet leaking.

No-Fault Will Pay Your Plastic Surgeon to Replace Both Breast Implants

No-Fault insurance must pay to replace both implants. If you have a leaking breast implant from a car accident in New York, we can have your plastic surgeon replace both breast implants without you having to pay any money upfront!

If you pay out of pocket up front, you will not be reimbursed from no-fault insurance for the entire amount and you may not even be reimbursed for replacement of both breast implants. You will be out of pocket thousands of dollars.

See more information about getting no-fault to pay to replace your breast implants.

We represented many women previously represented by another lawyer who was unable to get their plastic surgeon to accept No-Fault. When they were asked to pay thousands of dollars up front, they called us.

Don’t be pressured into paying money to your plastic surgeon. If you need a car accident lawyer, we will arrange to get the plastic surgery to replace your breast implants paid by no-fault at no charge to you.

Let us file your No-Fault claim and No-Fault application. We will handle all of your No-Fault billing issues and represent you for your disability payments at no charge! We only charge a one-third fee of the money we collect for you for your pain and suffering. You must file a No-Fault application within 30 days of the date of your car accident and it can sometimes be difficult and take time to determine the correct No-Fault insurance company, so don’t wait. Call now for a free consultation.

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