Should I Use a Legal Plan Lawyer for My Accident?

Q. Should I use a legal plan lawyer for my accident case?
A. No. While you will get a discounted legal fee, will get a much lower settlement.

Legal plans provide a lot of legal services at cut-rate prices and for some people and some legal issues, that’s good. But for personal injury and accident cases, it’s a bad idea.

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For personal injury cases and accidents, legal plans are a bad idea

What Is the Legal Plan Discount for Personal Injury Accidents?

If you’re a member of a legal plan you can also get a discount rate if you have been injured in an accident. The discount for personal injury and accidents is usually a legal fee of 25% instead of 1/3. But when you pay a discount legal fee your lawyer has an incentive to save time and settle your personal injury case cheap.

Is the Legal Plan Discount for Personal Injury a Good Deal?

Personal injury is one area of law where it’s never a good idea to use a legal plan because:

  • No one ever has to pay any money up front to a personal injury lawyer; and
  • You’ll get a lot less money for your injury when your lawyer is looking for a quick settlement because he or she doesn’t have time.

Speaking to an attorney friend who owns a law firm working for a legal plan, prompted this article.

My friend said their law firm does all kinds of legal work and is a high-volume law firm. She described it as a law firm with $2 per hour legal plan lawyers for people looking to pay $1 per hour.

Example Showing the Possible Difference between a Legal Plan and a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you need an uncontested divorce, a legal plan can probably give you a great price but if you have been injured in an accident, it could mean the difference between settling a case for $35,000 or $750,000.

Using this example, with a legal plan, you’ll pay a legal fee of $8,750 and take home $26,250. With a personal injury lawyer who has the time to get the most amount of money for you, you’ll pay a legal fee of $250,000 and take home $500,000. Do you still want to use a legal plan?

Our legal fee is only 1/3 of what we get for you. Our legal fee is paid at the end of your case out of the money we get for you and we never charge a legal fee if we don’t get money for you. Additionally, we never nickel and dime our clients with many expenses other personal injury lawyers charge.

Take a look at our personal injury settlements and verdicts and our reviews.

Then take a look at our personal injury legal fees and services.

Never call a legal plan when you’re injured in an accident. Always call a real personal injury lawyer.

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