Elevator Accidents

Elevator accidents usually cause injuries worth millions of dollars and elevators in New York buildings and elevator maintenance companies are usually insured with enough money to pay millions for your injury.

Concierge Service for Clients Injured in NY Elevator Accidents

When you’re seriously injured in an elevator accident, we can provide you with our Concierge Service and our Personal Medical Manager.

Additionally, money can be available to help pay your rent so you don’t face eviction. If you don’t have health insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover enough physical therapy, we can arrange for continuing medical treatment.

NO Legal Fee for Estate Work for Wrongful Death in NY Elevator Accidents!

If you’re an immediate family member of a loved one who was killed in an elevator accident who died without a will, a family member needs to be appointed as executor of the estate.

We provide FREE legal services for estate work for wrongful death when someone is killed in an elevator accident and the family doesn’t have or doesn’t want to spend the money to hire an estate lawyer.

Can you file a lawsuit if you witnessed someone injured or killed in an elevator accident in New York?

If you were present at the elevator accident scene, you may be considered to have been “in the zone of danger” and it may be possible for you to recover money for emotional distress.

Investigating the cause of an elevator accident

There are many types of elevator accidents and many different causes which can lead to different companies being responsible for causing the accident. An elevator expert is needed to write a report detailing the failures which caused the elevator accident and the persons and companies responsible for the failures.

The four types of thorough investigations that can reveal the cause of the elevator accident and identify the people and companies responsible:

  1. Investigations are always conducted by Government agencies and these reports will be available to us. New York City agencies such as the NYC Buildings Department; NYC Department of Investigations and NYPD will investigate the cause of an elevator accident;
  2. Hearings after the accident concerning elevator violations not only turn up evidence of who caused the accident and why but as your lawyers we will attend the hearing and may be able to ask additional questions to uncover additional evidence.
  3. As your lawyers, we will retain an elevator expert; and
  4. A criminal investigation may be conducted by the District Attorney’s Office.

This schematic showing an exploded drawing of elevator parts is provided by an elevator accident expert at Robson Forensic who we use.

Most elevator accidents involve faulty maintenance by the maintenance contractor or a failure to maintain the elevator but New York and/or NYC laws may have been violated.

When laws regulating elevator maintenance are violated, a criminal investigation may also be conducted and reveal what really happened. The Manhattan DA began a criminal investigation into the Manhattan elevator accident that killed a Brooklyn resident who was an advertising executive.

The investigation looked into possible faulty electrical work done by the elevator maintenance company before the death, The maintenance contractor, Transel Elevator Inc., is a large elevator maintenance company in New York.

The only violation on the elevator car that caused the death was a failure to file paperwork, but that would have triggered the need for a followup inspection.

Who is financially responsible for an elevator accident?

Usually, the building owner and elevator maintenance company are responsible. It is also possible that one of more companies leasing the premises could be responsible and if any elevator parts were defective, the manufacturer could also be responsible to compensate you for your injuries.

Common Injuries Caused By Elevator Accidents

  • Decapitation
  • Head trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Amputation/loss of body parts
  • Psychological trauma
  • Death

Someone who has been seriously injured may no longer be able to work and may not be able to perform everyday tasks such as taking a bath, eating, shopping, household chores, etc.

When someone has been seriously injured in an elevator accident, we can provide our Concierge Service and our Personal Medical Manager.

We do not charge for legal services for estate work for wrongful death when someone is killed in an elevator accident.

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